Monday, December 21, 2009


Welcome to the BEAST REALITY blog! (website is
I would like to begin by explaining what Beast Reality intends to accomplish with this venture. We seek to bring to light a whole host of bands which we believe to be unappreciated by the current powers that reside in Brooklyn. Beast Reality will start with 4 consecutive album releases, featuring Brandon Can't Dance, Rainbow Party, Donner Party Picnic, and Turbosleaze. Along with these hard copy releases we will host records for free download on our catalog. Finally we will be throwing shows and doing promotional things of the like in order to help Beast Reality artists get the attention we believe they deserve.
As of now the website ( is in beta mode. Nothing works yet except for the links including the link to this blog. In the coming weeks the website will come together, hopefully before or right after the new year. Beast Reality needs help, we would welcome the assistance of anyone who could serve as an intern in exchange for well written letters of recommendation and free shows and stuff of the like.
Stay Tuned......

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